wow! Had some resolve guarding and fear based hyper reactivity with out 3 year old bull breed, Sarah came and taught us so much! She was kind and disciplined with the dogs, reminded us of their basic needs and how we’d been feeding into the wrong behaviour with reacting with shouting or fussing at the wrong points etc. Also nutrition, tap collar and lead consultation and advice. What a fantastic afternoon; we saw so much progress with our dog already! I every confidence we shall be walking and enjoying things much more

Wow! I had a discussion about my Border Collie 3yrs with Sarah a couple of weeks ago. Was introduced to Kimi Swindells yesterday and she was AMAZING!

Well informed about the issues prior to arrival, she handled Drax in a professional, relaxed but firm manner. In such a short space of time, already noticing the difference in him. He has territorial issues and would lunge at the front door when anyone arrived. Last night, we had a delivery and he stood by lounge door, never even attempted to get to front door!

We will work with him, take on all the advice and looking forward to the future!

I would highly recommend Kimi and The Pet Experience to anyone that needs help.

Kimi, thank you so much

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Beyond amazed how little things make all the difference. Thank you Kimi for all your knowledge and advice. My partner and I have been so impressed. Would highly recommend the one on one sessions gives you a big insight to what your dog needs from you!

Sarah came and visited our 5 month old gsd chase and I cannot praise her work enough, she’s done an amazing job In not only helping chase become more calm and relaxed but also helping us in becoming the best owners we can to chase! Within a matter of days he has become a completely different pup � so a huge thank you Sarah!! X

Stacey came today to help with Frankie & Dottie’s relationship, we are amazed with the difference these 3 hours have made! Frankie was extremely anxious and constantly barked all the time. This would aggravate Dottie and she would turn aggressively towards Frankie in the house. Dottie and Frankie couldn’t get on together in the house at all and it was causing a lot of difficulty for our family. Stacey worked with both dogs individually, firstly she focused on the importance of good lead walking and we used a different lead. This had a huge impact on both dogs, and reduced Frankie’s insecurities so much. We then worked on Dottie’s adverse reactions towards Frankie, using the spray collar, an incredibly effective device. If Dottie went to attack Frankie, she got a little spray of water and this stopped Dottie straight away. By the end of the training session Frankie & Dottie were so much happier & calmer. The dogs were actually able to be in the same room together without any negative behaviours. Just amazing! We are going to continue to work on controlling Dottie’s reactions towards Frankie with the help of the collar and our new skills and gradually we will no longer need to use this. We are so grateful for the improvements you have already helped us to make, thank you so much!!

I had to email you because I am SO EXCITED. Today we went on our first walk with Otis using his vibrate collar. We went to the woods where he saw SO many squirrels. He chased every single one but came back within 5 seconds of me saying leave and a vibrate. A dog also came out of no where and Otis ran off with him, we said leave and a vibrate and he came back a lot quicker than he normally would too. I felt like a pretty responsible dog owner for the first time in a while! 


Some other amazing news, I support a Romanian charity (where we got him from), and they had 2 kittens living in a crate, so I offered to foster them with absolutely no hopes of Otis coping. Well we have had them here for a week now and Otis is already off lead around the house with them. We corrected any and all negative behaviours (lunging, growling, barking!) and today he has been 100% positive with them. 


Anyway, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you. I went into my rescue adoption with a very naive head and a lot I wish I had learnt before hand, but thanks to you we have a good little pup that is learning every day. Im sure we will have more bumps going forward, but for now we are all doing well all thanks to your support. 


Thank you so much,

Sarah was amazing. Little Wilf was about to get himself PTS for biting visitors that came through the gate but one session with Sarah and calm has already been restored. Two dogs who used to sleep on the sofas now happily snoozing in beds on the floor, I can hoover my house without having the hoover savaged and they generally know where they stand. Wilf is now able to stand down from guard duty and is learning not to fuss visitors (he loves them if they manage to get through the gate alive and with all their limbs attached)! Lots of work still to be done but second day in and the difference is incredible. Thank you from the Kent woofers and humans!

Sarah came to help us with our little rescue cocker spaniel who had an immense chase drive, even chasing a helicopter and disappearing over the fields. We have since done bronze, silver and gold classes. Well yesterday just demonstrated to me how the training has helped.

Two deer ran in front of us walking, my little bailee saw them, immediately started to run but I called her and she immediately turned and came back to me. I can’t thank you enough sarah, it’s a joy to walk Bailee now and no more worries about her disappearing after anything that moves. Thank you and would definitely recommend.

What can I say ! Sarah came to visit today to give tips for my 12week old Chester . From the normal commands , which I must say he picked up very quickly to advice on gettin him to sleep through the night to helping me get him to walk while out , I now feel confident that I can be the best to beable to give my gorgeous pup what he needs to become a confident and well behaved dog cause little do we realise we are sometimes the problem. Also giving me advice on my older boy who is 12 I can honestly say I would not recommend anyone else . Amazing !!! X

Highly recommend! Sarah came to visit us when our pup Rocco was just 13 weeks old, struggling with toileting, sleeping through the night and also settling him into our home preparing him for our new arrival of a baby girl! Rocco is now just over 6 months and our daughter is 5 weeks! He is a fully trained lovely dog and member of our family, he is so gentle with our daughter and knows his boundaries well.. just wanted to say such a big thank you again xxx



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