Video Training Classes


Our video classes have been discounted to the special price of just £35, which will continue until the end of the Covid-19 crisis.


Our video courses are perfect if you want to learn the most effective methods to train basic commands, teach good manners in all situations and have lots of fun working with your dog.


We demonstrate easy-to-follow techniques plus lots of helpful tips and insights from our qualified and highly experienced trainers. We are balanced, nature-based trainers with emphasis on reward-based methods plus effective communication systems to get the best out of your relationship with your dog. 


Plus you get to watch our fabulous demo-dogs having fun with their training so you know your dog will love it too!


Just click on the links below to choose your course, or book in bulk for great discounts:


All 4 courses just £110  - save £30


3 courses just £85 – save £20


2 courses just £60 – save £10

If you would like to book more than one course please email us at so we can organise payment and permissions.


Click here and register for free to become a member with us to watch our free Recall Exercise now and start training your dog like an expert!

Please note that these are large, high quality videos. This may mean you need to click the video and allow it to load before watching it to avoid your WiFi struggling and causing the videos to 'buffer'.